Overwatch Sombra

Overwatch Sombra has finally revealed at Blizzcon 2016
Besides Cinematic model, I also had this given opportunity to work on game ver of Sombra. Huge thanks to Team4 members for the helps and supports.
Kudos to Arnold Tsang, Renaud Galand for feedback and directions.
Here is full credit on Sombra in game ver.
Concept by Benjamin Zhang
Sombra Sculpting, Modeling, and texturing by Hong Chan Lim
Weapons by Niles Doubleday
Rigging by Dylan Jones
Animation by Kyongho Polar for first person, Matt Boehm for 3rd person, rest of animations by Team4 animation team.
Screenshots by Blizzard VPP dept.
© 2016 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

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