Wildstar works

Today was the last day of Carbine studios/NCsoft Corp. where I had opportunity to learn and grow as an artist in my mid 20s to early 30s. while I was there I've not only learned art but gained so much more in many different ways. I was truly happy to work with Matt Mocarski, Cory Loftis, Kory Hubbell, Roger Eberhart, Brandon Dix, Solomon Lee, Matt Milizia, Eric Henze Mike Higgins, Kenny McBride, Eddie Munoz, Adam Byrne Chris Luckenbach Ryan Moore Kristy Moret Loren McQuade Chris Lynch Seth Kendall Sarah Delahanty Peter Sung Stephan Frost Mindy Lee Jon Jelinek Garrett Hanna Jordan Pack Jarrod Showers Kishore Vijay Chad Moore Jeremy Wood and so many more. I know most of my old friends from Carbine were no longer there but I hope for the best for all of talented Devs for their next journey.