Overwatch Moira

New Overwatch Hero Moira revealed at BlizzCon 2017/Anaheim convention center. #moira #overwatch #blizzard #blizzcon #블리즈컨 #오버워치 #블리자드 #모이라

It was an amazing experience making Moira with everyone who supported and participated. Moira had so much team efforts put into her. Our VPP dept. always help us creating these great looking screen captures!

Here are credits:

Concept by Arnold Tsang
Model and textures by Hong Chan Lim
Animation by Matt Boehm, Josiah Haworth (1st person), Kyongho Hong(3rd person) and rest are by overwatch animation team
Effects by Chris Wilson
Rigging by Hak lee

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[NEW HERO COMING SOON] Introducing Moira | Overwatch